Silvano Bernabel

Machine Learning    Stochastic Analysis
Data Analytics         Simulation Analytics
Data Engineering     Modeling & Optimization

Current Projects:

Deep Learning for Healthcare:

Using CNNs to detect mental illness using brain SPECT imaging.

Kemeny Algorithm Application:

Using Joost decomposition to convert a single-core discrete simulation into a multi-core (parallel) simulation, such that equivalence is maintained.

Nuisance parameters (parameter uncertainty)

Reducing bias and variance given a noisy parameter in a convex optimization function .

Previous Projects:

Autonomous vehicles:

Used stochastic analysis and optimization to determine in a noisy environment optimal traveling path of drones, in this case robotic flying bees. This project also conceptualized wireless communication to a cloud computer.

Transportation simulation:

Used real-time data to update a machine-learning algorithm (online learning) that determines when to call for service (replenish or emptying of vehicle at a station), given that customer satisfaction should remain at a high level.

For contact information please see my resume, which can be found here.