MedStartUp – 2015

This year, CoSSMO will again be meeting wit more companies at MedStartUp.

MedStartUp – 2014

MedStartUp brings together academic institutions and companies from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technology and healthcare industries, where innovation, scientific excellence and commercial goals are of utmost importance.

CoSSMO paired up with Sovinty, a French company hoping to solve issue of healthcare growing at an exponential rate that accompanies a shortage of doctors as well as increasingly limited public finances. Sovinty’s partnership with CoSSMO aims to develop tools for patients that will make use of machine
learning methods, intelligent algorithms, as well as algorithms for detecting preconditions for undesirable states.

Trains Don’t Vanish! ROADEF/EURO 2014 Challenge

This was a challenge created by the EURO XXVI Conference in Rome 2013. It addressed problems including train congestion, increased traffic, train arrivals and departures, and more. The challenge was to create the best algorithm to improve the transit system’s efficiency.

CoSSMO qualified into the finals scoring 3rd place!