• To identify potential projects and participants across CUNY and in the community at large.
  • To help members identify sources of funding and to prepare grant applications.
  • To facilitate the execution of the projects, providing advice, space, and computer facilities.
  • To create research programs by aggregating multiple projects with common defining factors. Such programs will promote interactions and networking that will increase the value of the research activities with respect to the contribution of individual projects.
  • To manage program projects with core competencies.
  • To establish collaborations outside CUNY (national and international).


CoSSMO will seek to increase the synergy among research, education and outreach. The Institute will aim to integrate academic excellence and service to the public and private sectors of society. It will address problems better solved applying stochastic modeling, computer simulation and/or optimization.

The operational structure of the Institute will promote research outputs, and it will help create new educational material. It will promote collaborations with the public and private sectors through cross learning and networking, with less work required of the members than working on their own.