Executive Committee

Executive Director
Deputy Director
Leads for Outreach, Research, and Education

Advisory Board

Robert Paaswel (CUNY)
Jane Snowdon (IBM)
Michael Fu (Maryland)
Sigrún Andradóttir(Georgia Tech)
Franklin Steen (Touro College)

Operational Review Committee

Membership in this committee includes the Executive Committee (EC) and it is open to members from the Advisory Board and to the Resident Scholars. In addition, it is desirable to include one external academic member and one external member from an interest area (public health, finance, transportation, telecommunications, energy sector, etc). This committee will be formed ad-hoc and membership will be periodically reassigned by the EC as necessary.

Periodic meetings of the Operational Review Committee will be the most important mechanism for networking and sharing information. These meetings will discuss and review updates and new developments in research, areas of applications and teaching.

Weekly seminars: Informal seminars where different projects are discussed (mainly, student presentations).

Colloquia/workshops: To promote participation of Affiliate members (academic), the colloquium will seek to attract the majority of interested members across CUNY, who would not otherwise have opportunities to meet. The colloquium will present current and proposed projects, latest findings, and lectures from invited speakers. This series will also serve to attract good PhD students and will promote cross-fertilization of ideas. An annual workshop will be organized to attract academic and non-academic members and discuss current research topics as well as new proposals.

Annual Summit: The annual summit will be an important event with poster presentations from the year’s output and salient conference presentations. In addition we will organize an event to “brainstorm” about new possible projects and create new collaborations. This event will be organized in conjunction with the annual meeting of the AB.