Welcome to CoSSMO

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Our Expertise

Computer Simulation
Virtual Reality and Experimentation
Mathematical Models
Understanding Relations and Dynamics
“Stochastic” = Uncertain
Data Analysis and Computer Learning
Decision Making, Management, Intelligence
The Institute for Computer Simulation, Stochastic Modeling and Optimization (CoSSMO) was created in 2013 by an initiative that was strongly supported by CUNY Chancellor Matthew Goldstein (now
Emeritus), and Hunter College’s President Jennifer Raab and Provost Vita Rabinowitz.

CoSSMO maintains a portfolio of research projects dealing with computer simulation, stochastic modeling and optimization. The focus for the new Institute is on the breadth of applications of
stochastic modeling and optimization that are a direct benefit to government and private industry.

CoSSMO’s core members and Advisory Board will supervise the balance between the resulting pure research and applied problem solving. Applying research and methods to problems that are of
importance in our society helps “make mathematics real” to many students, enhancing their  fundamental learning.

The academic disciplines within its scope include: mathematics, computer science, statistics, applied mathematics, geography, business, economics and engineering.

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